IPVanish Review

How Good is IPVanish

IPVanish is possibly the biggest vpn on the market at the moment with great speeds and almost 1500 servers available. You will also find it’s recommended by most websites and streaming YouTubers. Today we will be doing our own IPVanish Review and see if it’s the right service for you.

IPVanish Review

In this review we will be answering the most common questions for using a vpn mainly for streaming purposes. We will be looking at the following in this IPVanish Review:

  • How reputable IPVanish is and is it a safe vpn to use
  • Internet speeds compared to regular internet
  • Does IPVanish work with popular streaming services (such as Netflix, iPlayer etc)
  •  How the App looks and what features it has
  • Logging Policy
  • The price of IPVanish and is it worth it


You could ask a thousand people their thoughts on IPVanish and each reply would be different. That being said, I have been using IPVanish for somewhat 3 years now and is a service I have no problem in recommending.

Internet Speeds

Most vpn’s will say they have the best speeds and use this as the major selling point. But there’s no getting away from the fact a vpn ‘will’ slow down your internet speeds on whichever device you have it connected on. Each vpn will give you different results, but I have found IPVanish to be 1 of the fastest I have seen. I will test on both desktop/PC with a wired connection and a streaming device (Firestick) over WiFi showing comparisons between my normal speeds and vpn speeds. I will also be using Fast.com on all tests to give a true comparison.

Desktop Speed Test - No IPVanish

Desktop with 'NO' VPN

Desktop with VPN

Firestick speed test no vpn - ipvanish

Firestick with 'NO' VPN

firestick speed test vpn ipvanish

Firestick with VPN

As you can see from above the internet speeds are slower when using IPVanish and this is to be expected. Using a vpn adds another step to your connection and this is the reason for slower speeds. However, on PC I am more than happy with 180Mbps as this is capable of doing anything required. On Firestick the drop was over 50% which is a little more than I would expect from IPVanish, but still capable of streaming 4k content.

NOTE: We connected to the best available server on both tests in this IPVanish Review, other servers will more than likely give different results.

Does IPVanish Work With Netflix, iPlayer ETC?

Popular streaming services such as Netflix, iPlayer etc, tend to block vpn connections so you can’t access the app while connected. IPVanish in my experience isn’t the best for connecting to Official Streaming Services and it seems most of their servers are blocked. There are a select few that do work, but it may take some searching.

I personally don’t use a vpn for these types of applications as they’re not needed, but maybe something to bear in mind if you are in a different country or you want to connect via a different region. 

NOTE: This doesn’t apply to third party streaming apps, only Official Subscription Streaming Apps.


    • Multi-Platform Protection
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Unlimited Connections
    • Split Tunneling
    • 256-Bit AES Encryption
    • No Logs
    • Anonymous Torrenting
    • Unlimited P2P Traffic
    • SOCKS5 Web Proxy
    • Geo-Locked Content Access
    • Multiple VPN Protocols
    • Unlimited Server Switching

Logging Policy

Back in June 2017 when IPvanish was owned by Highwinds Network Group it was found that their zero log policy was a lie and they actually produced logs to Department of Homeland Security. This was for good reason and to catch a very messed up individual. 

Since then IPVanish has been taken over by new owners Net Protect. Since taking over they have been accused of still keeping logs and are doing everything they can to make users know they are not. This is the reason for the recent change in connections from 10 to unlimited. IPVanish say by keeping a device limit they have to log some sort of information to be able to see the amount of connections at any 1 time. By making it unlimited, this means there really is zero logs kept.

Here’s a quote from the Vice President of IPVanish.

IPVanish does not, has not, and will not log or store logs of our users as a StackPath company. I can’t speak to what happened on someone else’s watch, and that management team is long gone. But know this – in addition to not logging, StackPath will defend the privacy of our users, regardless of who demands otherwise.


IPVanish are well known for giving 1 of the best vpn services for low prices. At the moment you can get 57% OFF IPVANISH which is a great deal.

Usual Pricing

$10 per month

Near enough always have an offer

$8.99 per month

Billed $26.99 every 3 months.

$6.49 per month

Billed $77.99 every 12 months.

IPVanish Rating


Speeds - 8
App & Features - 9.5
Support - 8.5
Reputation - 9


Overall Score

A great vpn and 1 I don't think will disappoint. The amount of feedback I receive from people using it is immense and mostly positive.

User Rating: 4.45 ( 2 votes)

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