How To Stop ISP Blocking

Internet Service Providers are required to block certain connections by law. Since the start of the UK football seasons, these blocks are becoming more common. So here’s how to stop ISP blocking.

What is ISP Blocking

ISP Blocks are becoming more common by internet service providers, but why does this happen?

If we use UK Football as an example, it will help to better explain. Since the start of the 2020/21 season, the Premier League acquired a blocking order from a high court. Meaning IPS’s must block certain connections during live game times.

ISP blocking is mainly in place to stop illegal streaming through non licensed IPTV services. So if you were to attempt watching IPTV during the time an ISP block was active, you will find it may say connection error. You can read more about the blocking order in the article linked below.

Not all internet service providers have blocks in place at the moment, but it seems they’re all starting to follow suit. The main ISP’s which block content at the moment are Virgin Media & Sky.

How To Stop ISP Blocking

Stopping ISP blocks is very simple and it’s done by using a vpn. At the moment all vpn connections bypass these blocks, so there’s no service in particular that is needed. You aren’t limited to which server can be used either, so you can use any vpn connection to fix this issue.

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How does A VPN Stop Blocking

We will now show you a guide of how ISP Blocking works and how using a vpn enables you to bypass them.

When using IPTV an internet connection is required, and your ISP can see which websites/streams you are trying to connect to. If that particular IPTV url is believed to be streaming illegal content, it will be blocked by your internet service provider.

ISP Blocking
ISP Blocking

As you can see from the above image, your internet service provider can see where you’re attempting to connect to. So your ISP will still allow you to connect to legitimate websites, but block connections to url’s which are known to have illegal content.

IPTV Blocked
Bypassing ISP Blocks

Now you are connected to a vpn, your iISP can only see the internet connection as far as the vpn. So the only thing your ISP can see is that you’re connecting to the vpn server. Anything after that is masked by the vpn which will bypass any ISP blocks.

Note: Even when using apps a connection is still required. So this applies to websites, streams, apps and basically anything connects via your internet.

So that is how to stop ISP Blocking and hopefully this post helped you. Be sure to check out our Guides, Reviews, News and Best Deals for all you vpn needs.

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