Ivacy VPN is possibly 1 of the cheapest vpn’s you can get, that can also unlock most region locked streaming services.

Ivacy VPN Review

In this review we will be looking at a few of the most common questions asked by users when looking to purchase a vpn. In this Ivacy VPN Review, we will be looking at the following:

  • How reputable IVACY VPN are and is it a safe vpn to use
  • Internet speeds compared to regular internet
  • Does IVACY VPN work with popular streaming services (such as Netflix, iPlayer etc)
  •  How the App looks and what features it has
  • Logging Policy
  • The price of IVACY VPN and is it worth it


IVACY VPN is a well established service that’s also sponsored some pretty big names. They were previously the sponsors of West Ham UTD, Gamerorigin, Stickypassword & many more, so it’s safe to say that Ivacy is a well known and well established service. 

Let’s see how IVACY VPN compares to the likes of IPVanish, Express VPN, NordVPN, Quad VPN and other big vpn services.

Internet Speeds

Most vpn’s will say they have the best speeds and use this as the major selling point, But there’s no getting away from the fact a vpn ‘will’ slow down your internet speeds on whichever device you have it connected on. Each vpn will give you different results.

In this IVACY VPN speed test we usually use fast.com but have found it to be very unreliable with mixed results. So I will be using speedtest.net and I will test and see the difference when the vpn is connected. This is possibly the most important part of the IVACY VPN review for many of you, so I will put the middle result in from 3 tests each.

Internet Speed Test

VPN 'Not' Connected


VPN Connected

The speed tests in this IVACY VPN Review were a little better than I expected and did almost as good as the big names like IPVanish & Express VPN

1 thing to bear in mind with IVACY VPN is the fact you don’t get multiple servers per region. So for this test I picked UK, but didn’t have the choice to pick different servers in the UK for better results.

NOTE: I connected to the UK Streaming server for this test then switched to a different server near me and both gave pretty much the same results.

Does IVACY VPN Work With Netflix, iPlayer ETC?

Popular streaming services such as Netflix, iPlayer, ITV HUB etc, tend to block vpn connections so you can’t access the app while connected. Users prefer to connect to USA Netflix as there is over 50% more content which isn’t available in such as the UK. Streamers wanting to access UK streaming services (iPlayer, ITV HUB) from outside the UK will also require a vpn to watch content on those apps.

We tested IVACY VPN with the following Streaming Services:

On the UK server we tested all of the above streaming apps and all worked fine.

On the USA server we tested Netflix, Disney Plus, Tubi TV & IMDb. All apps worked fine but were a little slow.

A vpn isn’t really needed when using these streaming apps, but maybe required for iPlayer & ITV Hub if you are out of the UK. Or you may want to use a vpn for such as Netflix or Prime video to gain access to more content by connecting to a US server.

NOTE: This doesn’t apply to third party streaming apps, only Official Subscription Streaming Apps.


  • Up to 10 simultaneous connections
  • Has split tunnel feature
  • Unblock most geo-locked streaming content

  • Bypass all ISPs blocks

  • Over 3500 VPN Servers in over 100 locations

  • Smart purpose selection

  • multiple protocols

  • Windows, iOS, Android and Mac applications

Supported Apps

IVACY VPN is supported on all platforms such as PC, Android, IOS & More.

Logging Policy

What Data IVACY VPN Collect

Since we have a zero-log policy, we keep no information of activities carried out by our customers online. We have information users share with us once he/she signs up for our service, like your email address for instance.

Ivacy does not, under any circumstances, share, sell or rent users’ personal information provided during the registration process. The information provided by users is given utmost care, and would never be used in any way apart from what has been permitted. Ivacy respects your internet privacy, and will not misuse your information. This even applies to those instances when a government organization may seize our servers, which would be of little consequence, since we keep no logs on individual users regarding their behavior, website visits or any particular event for that matter.


IVACY VPN is well known for it’s low price on their 5 year plan. You can Buy IVACY VPN and find the prices below.


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Speeds - 7
App & Features - 8.8
Unblocking Apps (geo locked) - 10
Support - 8.5
Reputation - 8.8


If you can get the 5 year deal then this is a super cheap service. I like how IVACY VPN works with pretty much any app/website in any country and I also like that the app is easy to use. The biggest downfall was the slow speeds and high ping. Maybe this was just at the time of testing, I'm not sure. When doing the 1st speed test the results were great. It was more when testing with apps I found it a little slow. All in all though you can't complain for that price. It does the job and in some aspects does it better than most others.

User Rating: 4.8 ( 2 votes)

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