What Is Split Tunneling

You could be using a vpn that has the split tunneling feature and not know what it’s used for. So what is split tunneling?

When looking for the best VPN to use, it is important to look at everything that is included, for example:

  • Speeds
  • Servers
  • Unlocking GEO/Region Locked content
  • Reputation
  • Ease of use
  • Features

Those are just a few of the features streamers tend to look out for when looking to purchase a vpn.

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What is Split Tunneling?

Split Tunneling is a VPN feature that allows users the choice to decide which applications are filtered through the VPN connection, and which applications should remain on the private network.

Split Tunneling is used when certain applications will prevent the user from accessing the app when connected to a VPN. An example of this could be, when connected to a VPN, you may not be able to access your online banking application, as it notices you are using it through a VPN network.

In the above instance, you can use the Split Tunneling feature to prevent your banking app from using the VPN, by enabling or disabling it via the Split Tunneling option.

In basic terms – the application you are using has only 2 ways to go, the route that encrypts the connection via the VPN, or the route that uses your standard internet connection. Hopefully that explained the question, what is split tunneling.

Example of when Split Tunneling is useful

An example may be BBC iPlayer. Some VPN’s do not work with iPlayer and will prevent you from using it, and will likely show an error message advising the user to ‘Disconnect’ from the VPN service.

A very popular vpn that tends to be blocked by popular streaming services is IPVanish. But, by using split tunneling you can stay connected to the vpn and still use iPlayer. You would add the BBC iPlayer app to your list of apps that should not be filtered through your VPN service, under the Split Tunneling feature of your VPN service.

When should I use Split Tunneling?

Well, that is up to you!

You will know which apps wont work when you are connected to your VPN.

If the app will not allow you to connect or use the service, whilst connected to a VPN, then add it to your whitelist within the Split Tunneling option of your VPN service.

As we mentioned, this may include apps such as banking, Netflix, or other service that require a static IP.

Which VPN’s Are Not Blocked?

Although you may need to use split tunneling with some vpn services, you will find there are some vpn’s that aren’t blocked at all and work with all streaming services. 1 of those being Quad VPN, you can stay connected to the vpn at all times but no apps will be blocked.

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